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Author, Charles Porter

In these books, I share what life was like, and is like, in rural and coastline South Florida. This series tells the whole story of someone who became a successful businessman, and someone who appears normal but medicine would call a schizophrenic. Throughout this world of his, he entertains and occasionally haunts himself in a heated hatchery of colorful phenera, film, and music, spawned in the auditory and visual capabilities he has experienced since childhood.

Many voice hearers find coping mechanisms that allow them to live lives filled with positive, hopeful, and healthy experiences. While traditional definitions consider hearing voices a disorder characteristic of a damaged brain, consider the possibility that it is no more a reflection of diversity, no more or less different than being left- or right-handed, brown- or blue-eyed.

Consider that conventional psychiatry and society's stamp of disapproval is the catalyst that alienates and isolates and defines voice hearers as “crazy” or “mentally ill”.