Alana Joli Abbott, interviewed Charles about Shallcross: The Underwater Panthers. She writes about pop culture, fantasy and science fiction, and children’s books, which she reviews with the help of her kids.

 Read the interview (2024) by Alana Joli Abbott with Charles Porter

Jill-Elizabeth Arent, interviewed Charles about Flame Vine: His Voices, and Shallcross: The Blind Spot Cathedral.

 Read the interview (2017) by Jill-Elizabeth Arent with Charles Porter


In 2020, Charles was interviewed again about his newly-released novel, Shallcross: Animal Slippers.

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Lisa Haselton is the author of YA and adult fiction, favoring all flavors of mysteries and dark fiction, and is a regular contributor to the SinCNE blog and moderator at The Writer's Chatroom that hosts live chats with guest authors on Sunday nights 7-9 PM EST. Lisa interviewed Charles in October 2017 upon the release of his new book, Flame Vine: His Voices.

Read the interview by Lisa Haselton with Charles Porter on Flame Vine (2017)book cover flamevine

Kenneth J. Braddick, the creator of Horse Sport USA, a magazine focused on high-performance dressage and jumping all over the world, is also a veteran news correspondent and has covered major events and several wars around the globe. Braddick is the owner of Dressage- based in Wellington, Florida, one of the epicenters for high- performance sport horses. is a highly respected source of news and information in the world of competitive dressage.